Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Each of our manufacturers has their own terms that allow different uses. It is important to read each manufacturers TOU's before purchasing since not everyone allows the same usages.If you are uncertain of a way you'd like to use any of our images, please contact us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to assist you. If you disagree or fail to follow our terms, we will ask you to change or remove products you may be selling. Additionally, you may also be billed for unpaid extended licensing fees.


One Account per person. Your Little Bit Shoppe account is only to be used by you and download links and files are not to be shared. Persons found violating this rule may be subject to having their account disabled and ultimately being banned from our site.

Downloads & Link Resets

Digital downloads are available for 7 days after completed purchase. All download links automatically expire after 168 hours or 5 clicks, whichever comes first.  You must download your purchase within this time frame. After 7 days, orders may be reset upon request. If you need to have your download links or clicks reset, please send us an email with your order number(s) you wish to have the links reset for. Additionally, a fee of $10 will be charged to reset download links for orders older than 1 month.  We suggest reviewing your orders to ensure the products are still available in our store prior to paying the $10 fee.  Please allow 48-72 hours to complete this request. You are responsible for backing up your files and we strongly encourage this! Please be sure to download, unzip and check your purchases to be sure they have transferred to your computer successfully.


Each of our manufacturers has their own refund policy. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Little Bit Shoppe Designs:
Our products are digital downloads, we only offer refunds for duplicate purchases and for orders which don't have any download attempts in our records.

Incompatible Files

Our product listings should state the file types included, we will not offer any refunds if you purchase something you cannot use. Please be sure to clearly read the descriptions before you purchase. Should you have any questions you can always email us and ask beforehand. We will always do our best to help get you a file type that can work for you.

Sales & Reduced Pricing

At any time, the Little Bit Shoppe may have items available on sale or at reduced prices. If you have ordered that item previously or after the time the item is on sale, you will not be given that sale price. The sale or reduced price is only honored when the item is ordered with in the time frame it is on sale or the price is reduced.